Summary Of The Film Judgement At Nuremberg

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The film, Judgment at Nuremberg, was about the Nuremberg Trials after World War II. It trialed four German Judges who were accused of non-combatant war crimes against a civilian population, the Holocaust, and the post-World War II geopolitical complexity of the actual Nuremberg Trials. The trial discussed how Germany is not at total fault, the degradation of Germany, and the hypocrisy and deceit from the destruction of the Allies.
Taking place in the Palace of Justice courtroom, Judge Dan Haywood, the Chief Trial Judge, began the trial by trying to learn how the defendants could have sentenced so many people to torturous deaths. Haywood sought to understand how the German people could have praised the crimes of the Nazi regime. Hans Rolfe, the defense attorney for the Germans, explained that the judges did not make the laws, they only interpreted it and carried it out, unaware of what happened inside the concentration camps. When Rolfe was making his argument for the defense, he powerfully mixed pity into his statements, making the people question even the moral basis of the court. After Ernst Janning, one of the defendants, admitted his guilt during his defense speech, Rolfe tells the court, “If Ernst Janning is guilty, it is the world’s guilt.” Janning was not the only one who made an oath to follow Nazi principles; many people contributed to Hitler’s tyranny in one way or another. Nazi Germany was the dominant power during the World War II due to many people,

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