Summary Of The Film The Proposition

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The film “The Proposition” directed by John Hillcoat is set in Australia in the 1800s. The film is about the police being after the Burns’ brothers because of a crime they committed. Captain Stanley gives the middle brother Charlie a proposition. It is for him and his younger brother Mikey to be free if he kills their older brother, Arthur. The job is a hard and dangerous one and Martha, Captain Stanley’s wife is not fan. Mrs. Stanley feels that her husband should not be in the field, he does not put her first, and it has taken a toll on them both. I feel that Mrs. Stanley tried hard to be there for her husband, but he often pushes her away. I believe that she feels unwanted and devalued sometimes. First and foremost, from the first scene, I could tell that Martha Stanley is a fragile woman. Her husband is in a job that does not make her comfortable. She wears her heart and feelings on her sleeve but her husband sometimes does not acknowledge it. Throughout most of the movie he had an apathetic attitude, especially towards his wife. Martha finds out that her friend Eliza Hopkins is raped and murdered and she is not happy at all. When she asks questions about it, her husband brushes her off but she is very persistent. Martha finds her way to the police station and makes sure that she puts her foot down. One scene in the movie shows Martha and Captain Stanley having a conversation and it is revealed that she knew her friend was pregnant. The fact that she

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