Summary Of The Hunger Of Memory By Sherman Alexie

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Many individuals from another culture strive to live the “American Dream.” In the excerpt from the novel, The Hunger of Memory by Richard Rodriguez, he leaves Mexico to become a middle-class American man and further his education. Sherman Alexie writes “Superman and Me,” which shows how Alexie, a Spokane Indian, teaches himself American literature. Both of these stories intertwine to show how different cultures step out of their own and try to live the American Dream. This leads the audience wondering if culture affects how far individuals go in life? Whereas Alexie describes the ideology of the American Dream as an Indian young boy teaching himself how to read from comic books, Rodriguez describes the ideology of American Dream by escaping Mexico to seek higher education in America. “Superman and Me” includes the author, Sherman Alexie as an adolescent boy. Alexie lived in Washington on a Spokane Indian Reservation where he grew up with parents who lived in debt most of the time, although his parents, as he states, “usually managed to find some minimum-wage job or another.” The father of Alexie went to a Catholic school where he read whatever he came into sight with. Alexie looked up to his father, and therefore, wanted to become an avid reader just like his dad. Before he could even read, Alexie picked up many books. Although words originally looked foreign to Alexie, he understood the purpose of a paragraph. He says that he “realized that a paragraph was a fence that held words” (Alexie). Everything he came upon, he referred to it as a paragraph. Living a life inside of a paragraph, Alexie, one day picked up a Superman comic book. This day became the day he learned how to read American literature. Looking at the pictures in the comic book, Alexie assumes what he sees. This method ultimately taught him the way of reading English. In the essay, Alexie states, “I was smart. I was arrogant. I was lucky. I read books late into the night, until I could barely keep my eyes open…” Because Alexie outsmarted his class, he could not answer any questions in class.. Never did he expect that his brilliance would come with consequences. Is this the kind of American Dream Alexie wanted? Despite all the learning and

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