Summary Of ' The ' I Am About It '

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Seeing the tears running down Johnny’s face, Roy shook him again, worried that Dr. Druthers plan had gone wrong or he had messed it up, “Come on, you’re safe Johnny. It’s just us.” Blinking his eyes, Johnny looked around in confusion. Where am I? What happened? he thought, terrified that one of the shoves or hits had done damaged. Finally, things came more in focus. Oh, thank heavens. Not there. “You with us, Junior?” Roy asked softly. Scooting up on the bed with help, John nodded. “Wanna talk about it?” Mike asked gently. Uncertain at first, John hesitated, but finally told them how his own aunt walked out on him. His heart breaking, Roy gathered Johnny up and held onto to him once he was finished. Joanne slid next to them and encircled both of them in her arms. Uncertain what to do, but wanting to help, Chris and Jenny crawled up next to Jenny. “Don’t worry about that place or your aunt,” Chris stated. “Mom and dad won’t let anything happen to you.” Pushing away from Roy and Jo, Johnny looked over at Chris, his eyes searching for the truth in the words. “You can trust Chris on that,” Mike spoke up. “I know them well and those two love you as if you were their own. They won’t let anything happen to you.” “It’s true,” Joanne smiled at Johnny, rubbing his back softly. “How know love me?” Johnny looked startled and settled back on the pillows. “Well, how did you know your mom and dad loved you?” Jenny asked. Shrugging, Johnny simply answered, “Just did.” “Well, is it ‘cause
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