Summary Of The Legend Of La Llorona

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The legend of La Llorona has been embedded into the Mexican and Chicano/a culture for more than five hundred years, primarily bringing fear, caution, and death to young children. Said to be dresses in all white with long black hair, La Llorona revolves on bringing fear to kids and emphazises the mourne of the loss of her children. Many of the kids who are told this story serves as a threat to not go play by a river or to stay out when the sun has fallen. Reverting back to the time period of the Spanish Conquista when Hernan Cortez was battling for settlement, La Malinche, (also referred to as Doña Marina, Milinalli, or Malintzin) a Nahua woman, was brought to him as a slave amongst twenty others like her. Having caught his attention, Cortez entitled La Malinche to be his translator, advisor, and mistress. …show more content…

Upon orders of the King of Spain and help from a beautiful young lady, Cortez is encouraged to return but won’t do so without his children. Upon telling Malinche of his decision and separation, she escapes with her two kids and is surrounded next to a lake by the men sent by Cortez. Having been inevitable to be captured, she stabs her children with a dagger to the heart and sends their bodies down the lake. Contemporary legends have transfigured the story of Malinche to attribute the legend of La Llorona. The story of La Llorona traces back to many years ago, referring to a woman of pure elegance and beauty. Having been the gem of her town, she belittles and neglects all the gentlemen with a pretentious attitude and superior ego. Claiming that she deserves, she awaits in anticipation the man made of perfection. Upon having met, they born two children but the appreciation he devotes to her has vanished. The attention and admiration has now gone to the kids and seemed to care nothing for her. After a few years, she’s insight of her husbands and kids with another

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