Summary Of The Morality Of Birth Control By Margaret Sanger

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An Attack on the Poor Margaret Sanger, a birth control activist, spoke in New York in 1921 about the legalizing birth control to ultimately promote women’s equality. In “The Morality of Birth Control,” Margaret Sanger states that birth control is moral for women to use when they are not able to raise a child of their own. “The Morality of Birth Control” is not persuasive because she strongly opposes rights for people who are part of the lower class, and her use of words that weaken her argument.
In Sanger’s speech, she begins it with the issue of birth control. She was interested in scientific, highly educated opinions towards birth control. An overall statement was made that anyone can have birth control, but people that want birth control need to have the education to obtain it. One reason to backup the statement of birth control becoming available for everyone is to have better control on the issue of overpopulation. A method to control overpopulation is to take control of the first stages of life. This is a higher, more well thought out method found by Sanger to keep control. In the final part of Sanger’s speech, Sanger splits people into three categories: an upper class, middle class, and lower class. These three categories are individually given the rights that they deserve. Sanger concludes her speech stating how there is a need for the wise and wealthy to exist, but for the poor to not exist. Overpopulation has become a huge issue on Earth, and nobody

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