Summary Of The Nobel Lecture By Toni Morrison

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In the world, there are about 6909 different languages being spoken. Millions of people are speaking those languages all around the globe, but how many of them are actually speaking? Language is not just about communication with words. Toni Morrison elaborates more on that idea in her speech the Nobel Lecture. Toni’s writing illustrates her beliefs about language and the deeper meaning of it. She explains that language should “Permit new knowledge or encourage the mutual exchange of ideas” (Morrison). She believes that America is not achieving those ideas for language but in fact is doing the opposite. American people do not know the meaning and effect of language and because of that, true language is dying. In the speech, the Nobel Lecture, by Toni Morrison, the author narrates repetition and connotation in order to emphasize and elaborate ideas and purposes of language , ultimately exposing her beliefs about language.
In the speech, the word “dying” and other synonyms like dead are repeated multiple times. We know that the the bird mentioned in the story is a metaphor for representing language because Morrison says “ the heart of such language is languishing, or perhaps not beating at all-if the bird is already dead”. That sentence connects how the bird and language are correlated in the speech. So the reader can infer from the rest of the speech so when she says is the bird dead, she is really saying is the language dead. Morrison believes that due to the examples of

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