Summary Of The NovelSpill, Simmer Falter, Wither

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In the award winning novel Spill, Simmer, Falter, Wither by Sara Baume there is lots of detail using imagery and a strong unbreakable bond between a man and his dog. During this novel there will be two characters a 57-year-old bitter man named Ray and an eager one-eyed dog named One Eye. While these two are very similar in many ways they also have differences and challenges that unfold during the novel. Both Ray and One Eye are similar in that they both share sadness. They both didn't have moms growing up. Ray's mom abandoned him when he was just a baby. Ray states “I’d like to believe the house itself gave birth to me” (page 12-13). One Eye also didn’t have any parents he was all alone abandoned in the pound and still would be if it wasn't for Ray (page 6). They also share the same sadness on page 47 Ray says, “Sometimes I see the same sadness in you, the same sadness that’s in me.” On page 181 Ray asks One Eye “At first it was a beautiful view, but suddenly it seems like a sad place, don’t you think it’s sad?” On the other hand, the sadness of Ray and One Eye are also different. Ray is sad and feels like he hasn’t had a full life he states “I’m fifty-seven. Too old for starting over, too young for giving up.” (Page 8) One Eye on the other hand shows sadness because he only has one eye. Ray says, “Was she a thickest mother sow, angry as a thwacked wasp because of the litter of newly borns squashed into the dark behind her? Is that why she turned on you within her curved

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