Summary Of The Poem Analysis Of Death

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I chose this poem because at one point in my life I was afraid of Death. Death was something terrifying to me that I would have dared not speak about. This poem attacks death for the coward and fraud that it is. John informs the readers that they should not be afraid of Death; death is not the end. I also have this belief. My belief is that Death is the beginning of something better and an end to the suffering of mortal life. Therefore, I really connected to this poem as it added to my personal beliefs. (This sonnet follows a Petrarchan Sonnet Structure).

The first four lines sum up the main point of the poem: Death should not be proud. Though Death may think that he has defeated persons who have died, Donne says that they are not dead; their souls are still alive in the afterlife. Donne believes people are only dead for a moment, then their spirit joins the others in Heaven, where they live. Therefore, Death will never be able to kill him.
In this poem Death is a bully who is exposed to not be as tough as he portrays. Ironically, Donne makes Death to be something positive, as it leads Christians to a new life. The sharpness of the poem comes from the combination of the symbolic and literal use of “die” and “Death.” For example, lines 1-2 show the great use of personification along with apostrophe. Death is treated as a person who is thought of to be dreadful and mighty (personification). Donne also addresses Death directly, even though it obvious that Death cannot respond
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