Summary Of The Poem In A Dark Time

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The Fight Between Good and Evil
The poem ”In a Dark Time” written by Theodore Roethke illustrates the inner conflict between good and evil faced by the character in this piece. The main topic portrayed in the poem is the constant fight between giving into the dark part of the yourself or persevering to achieve the good. The poet in this piece uses visual imagery to help convey to the reader the immense inner turmoil the character is facing. The author sets the dark tone of the poem by using sound imagery to help the reader understand the violent internal fight the speaker is going through. Symbolism is used constantly during the poem to allow the reader a more meaningful understanding of the poem and the internal battle the character faces. Roethke uses imagery and symbolism to demonstrate the internal struggle between good and evil that the narrator faces in this piece.

The poet uses visual imagery to show the reader how the narrator is feeling in the poem. Roethke gives the reader an illustration of the conflict occurring in his head by using colours to allow the reader to have a deeper understanding of the poem. The poet uses the word ‘dark’ as a way to show the reader how he feels there is no light left in the world, “Dark, dark my light, and darker my desire.”(19), the use of colours helps the reader to truly comprehend the emotions the speaker is feeling. Another way Roethke uses visual imagery is by creating a lyrical poem. The poet writes the poem to address the

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