Summary Of ' The Scarlet Letter '

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The Scarlet Letter is about a woman, Hester Prynne, who has had an affair with a man who she would not name. During the affair Hester became pregnant, so the affair became known to the town. She had the child but would still not reveal who the father was she was then forced to wear a red 'A ' representing adulterer on her chest for the rest of her life. The movie Easy A is about Olive Pendergast is an average high school student who is not one of the super-popular girls, but not a loser either. She gets good grades, comes from a happy home; her life is as easy-peasy as any teens could get. Then a little lie she tells her best friend spreads through the school as white hot rumors naturally do. At first she enjoys the extra attention, and uses it to help out a friend. But of course, things go south, Olive becomes the school outcast, and she goes the distance to set right the things she can and move ahead with her life. Olive Penderghast just wanted to be popular and fit in with the rest of her school, so when lying to a friend about what she did on the weekend was overheard by some other people heard and, the entire school finds out. Before she knew it Olive was known as the school 'slut ' which was not what she wanted. At this time Olive 's English class was also reading The Scarlet Latter, which made her classmate comment on how she should wear the red 'A ' on her chest. To make a point she did, but in the end the rumor didn 't go the way she planned it. There are

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