Summary Of The Story 'Ow, My Shin'

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Ow, My Shin By: Noah Belkiewicz Last year in 5th grade, we went outside for recess. I saw my friend Dylan pushing people off the balance beam, so I went over to him to play. I hopped up there on balance beam, crossed my arms and closed my eyes, then I was ready. Well not exactly, because as soon as I opened my eyes he pushed me. I hit my shin on the balance beam and my eye on my other friend Conner’s knee. It hurt so bad it felt like someone snapped my leg like a stick. All I heard was Dylan saying he was so sorry. All I saw was Conner’s knee. After that my other friend Kayden took me to to the office to get ice. That’s my shin story. Moral of the story, never let someone push you off a balance beam
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