Summary Of ' The Wicked Witch Of Darkwood '

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It all happened when my prodigy brother Sam was kidnapped by the wicked witch of Darkwood. It was early in the morning when I woke up and discovered that Sam was missing. I rushed to the front door calling Sam 's name frantically, knowing that he would not be there. A witch named Rachel had wanted us to take him to her castle but knowing that she was evil, my family had refused. She became furiously angry and threatened that that would not be the last we heard of her. She had had an evil plan that needed someone like Sam because he was a prodigy because he was so smart. I quickly called the members of our gang, the Rescuers, of which I had been nominated leader. My best friends, Jack, Otto, and David answered the phone. We met together in the Cul de Sac in our neighborhood and I quickly told them our dilemma. Immediately, after I was done talking, we set off on the road leading toward the misty beach. We jogged until we could not run anymore and finally reached the railroad which went directly to Rachel’s castle, Darkwood. The mist was terrible,and we could barely see in front of us. We found an abandoned railroad car and quickly jumped in; it was about 7:00 AM. As we sped through the dark, misty air, we could hear the waves lapping up against the railroad track. If there was an answer, I’d find it there. A couple minutes went by and Otto was already complaining. “Are we almost there yet? I’m hungry.” ‘Well I’m sorry that my brother was taken by the evil

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