Summary Of What Does It Mean To Be Educated By John Spayde

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John Spayde’s article What Does it Mean to Be Educated (June 1998) offers insight into the world of philosophical questions and studies of our educational system. Spayde shares and responds to the opinions of different novelists, journalists, professors, and colleges that have taken a stance on what it means to be educated. His article briefly covers topics such as; educational decisions, financial division, entitlement, humanities, and technology. Spayde also discusses the importance of being connected and learning from a real-life experience. Spayde believes that having a connection to the world around you allows you to use any experience as a learning mechanism to further your education. In this article What Does It Mean to Be Educated?, journalist Earl Shorris explains that the middle class and those who live in poverty have been cheated of one of the most valuable lessons, the humanities. He elaborates on his thesis when he says “Rich people learn the humanities; you didn’t. The humanities are a foundation for getting along in the world, for thinking, for learning to reflect on the world instead of just reacting to whatever…show more content…
He explains these lessons to us by breaking them down into two types of knowledge, fast knowledge and slow knowledge. By doing this, he hopes to create a more aesthetic, spiritual, and social environment in our lives. Previously when I attended Edwardsville High-school, they had many technology training oriented classes that I didn’t find appealing in the least and often slept during. Being able to be more spiritually, and socially interactive within the classroom has always been an education requirement of mine. Therefore, I agree with Professor David Orr when he says that our focus shouldn’t be primarily on high-tech
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