Summary Of Why Chinese Mothers Are Superior By Amy Chua

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Amy Chua argues that extremely strict parenting supposedly typical of Asian parents is the way to raise "successful children" in this excerpt of “Why Chinese Mothers Are Superior.” This type of parenting places great stress upon achieving academic and musical results, often to the drastic exclusion of many other facets of life. She also is heavily critical of the “Western” style of parenting, critiquing aspects that do not correlate with her typical ways of teaching and guidance.
In her article “Why Chinese Mothers Are Superior,” Amy Chua claims that children raised by Chinese mothers are more successful as they further their lives than children that are raised by Western parents. According to the author, Chinese parents' beliefs enable their kids to succeed because they learn in a strict, direct and strong environment. Chua described a study of 50 Western mothers and 48 Chinese immigrant mothers that resulted in Chinese mothers believing that the academic success of their kids is the direct correlation of their good parenting skills.
Also, she mentions that Chinese mothers spend ten times longer working with their kids’ academic activities in comparison to Western mothers that prefer to spend more time with their kids on extra curricular activities. In contrast, Western mothers believe that academic success should not be stressed and should not be the only concern for their kids. Three differences are mentioned that cause this. The first difference is stated that Chinese

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