Summary Of Woman Hollering Creek By Gloria Anzald�a

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Cultural expectations have prevented humans from being able to lead their own lives the way they see fit. Gloria Anzaldúa and Sandra Cisneros are two notorious Mexican-American writers that wrote extensively about cultural borders and expectations. Anzaldúa came from the Mexico-Texas border, was a cultural and feminist theorist as well as English scholar, while Cisneros also comes from a Latino background and speaks from her cultural hybridity to illustrate cultural expectations. In this paper, I will use Anzaldúa’s “Borderlands / La Frontera” as a lens for Cisnero’s short story, “Woman Hollering Creek” to draw connections of cultural and gender expectations between two different genres of text.
Anzaldúa uses ethos as a cultural theory studier to illustrate that culture forces us to make our beliefs and that expectations create a power struggle in her culture. She claimed that “Culture forms our beliefs.” (Anzaldúa 38) And that “Culture is made by those in power – men. Males make the rules and laws; women transmit them.” (Anzaldúa 38) Anzaldúa goes on to explain that women are powerless compared to men, and they are beaten anytime they try to break free of their cultural and familial expectations. She asserts that “The culture expects women to show greater acceptance of, and commitment to, the value system than man.” (Anzaldúa 39) and “Woman are made to feel total failures if they don’t marry and have children.” (Anzaldúa 39) In “Hollering Creek”, Cleofilas is pregnant with

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