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Flogging in Modern Society In “Bring Back Flogging,” Jeff Jacoby made unique, interesting arguments about the ways to punish criminals. Jacoby describes how the Puritans punished criminals in demeaning manners, which was quite interesting to me since I do not know much about Puritans. I could see that their punishment by opening criminals to public could force criminals to be humiliated and be done instantly. However, I do not see any reasoning, which should explain the reason why the Puritan ways could work better in our modern society than imprisonment, in his description.
Jacoby’s main argument is that some of imprisonment sentences can be replaced to more inexpensive ways, corporal punishments like a public whipping, since giving imprisonment sentence to petty offenders is not efficient due to its costs. He refers to Puritan’s time so that he can let readers imagine how their punishments were done instantly and did not require costs to keep inmates in prison. However, even though he presents specific numerical information to show that the criminal justice system is not only ineffective but also expensive, I still stay skeptical of his idea since he significantly lacks the explanation why Puritan’s ways are better in a qualitative manner and assumption of the different backgrounds between now and past. First, Jacoby emphasizes the present number of criminals to state that the criminal justice system has not been working well. “Some 1.6 million Americans are behind bars

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