Summary OfThe Haunted Palace By Edgar Allan Poe

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Dear Edgar Allan Poe, I feel your poem “The Haunted Palace” is a very strongly written poem with an extremely dark twist. Your use of metaphors, symbolism, alliteration, stanzas and rhyme scheme makes this poem an interesting read. With some language you use, it makes it somewhat hard to read in some areas but the rhyming helps to understand those words. Throughout most of the poem you use an ABAB rhyme scheme, along with the use of a slant rhyme. The way you are able spin words makes a very fun read. The title of this particular poem is a foreshadow of the sinister twist that you are well known for. In the first few lines, the poem seems to speak about a beautiful palace, which is uncommon in your works. Such as line three “once a fair and stately place”. Using words like “fair” and “stately” gives the reader a sense of peace and being at ease. Also with lines nine and ten “banners yellow, glorious, golden, on its roof did float and flow” supplies an image of a beautiful palace in the “greenest of valleys” (line 1). This puts an image in my mind of a fairy tale-esque land. The King or “monarch” is introduced in line five, as to which the voice of the person telling the story gives the name “Thought”. So now we have the idea of this king and a beautiful palace placed into our minds. To me it feels even more so as a fairy tale having a powerful King and his beautiful palace. The voice of the poem gives me a feeling that the King is loved by his people. As with the name

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