Summary : Portugal And Spain And The Treaty Of Tordesillas

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Treaty of Tordesillas: Portugal and Spain were the first to establish settlements in America and lead the nations to clash over land. The monarchs both turned to the Pope, who in 1493 drew a vertical line (Line of Demarcation)from the north to the south. In 1494 they moved the line a few degrees and then signed this treaty and Spain got the west while Portugal got the east. Mayflower Compact: In 1620 sailing towards the new world the pilgrims created a document which said decisions were to made by majority rule. This was the first form of democracy in the colonies and 41 men pledged to this new form of government. Also yearly elections were held for governor and every puritan male could vote. Albany Plan of Union: Great Britain seeing the need for uniting colonial defense had representatives from every colony meet in Albany, New York in 1754. This was developed by Benjamin Franklin which included new systems and colonial government . The plan did not go through as each colony loved its power for taxation it was later accepted in 1770 to be used against Britain. Treaty of Paris: This ended the French and Indian war in 1763 and was signed February 10, 1763. Great Britain got all of the land east of the Mississippi, Florida and Canada. The French and Spanish lost all of the West Indies colonies. Spain was able to regain New orleans and land west of the Mississippi. Proclamation of 1763: On october 7, 1763 the British government wanted to secure the frontier and prohibited

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