Summary: Sirius

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Five Times Sirius Wanted Dance with Remus and the One Time He Did Coincidently, it all happened in the same night at the Hogwarts Spring Formal. Sirius blames most of it on James, however the first time was probably Sirius’s fault. One It was a Thursday night- a weird night to have a Spring Formal, but that’s the way things went at Hogwarts. Sirius felt that he looked quite fit in his dress robes- he was told that they brought out his eyes. Though what was in his eyes that needed to be brought out he wasn’t sure. Anyway, not even ten minutes into the Spring Formal, and Sirius was already bored. James was trying to worm a dance out of Lily, and Peter was off dancing with his girlfriend, Lucy Sanders. Remus was still up in their dorm because …show more content…

Sirius just rolled his eyes, but he felt excited nonetheless. He had a chance. I wish I could be the one dancing with Remus instead of Lily, Sirius thought. “Same,” said James, and Sirius blinked. He must have said that last part out loud. “Then,” James continued, “Lily would be dancing with me.” Five “Padfoot!” James exclaimed, his hand covering his nose. “What?” Sirius asked, seriously annoyed. Remus and Lily were done dancing, and Sirius was just about to go and ask Remus to dance. “I have a bloody nose,” James explained, pulling his hand away from his nose for a brief moment so that Sirius could see the blood gushing from his nose. Sirius sighed. “Let’s go find Madame Pomfrey.” By the time they found her and she fixed James’s bloody nose the dance was almost over. In fact, most everyone was gone. Sirius sighed. He seemed to be doing that a lot tonight, but he had a reason to. The had lasted a good three hours and he still hadn’t danced with Remus. He sighed again and wandered over to the punch bowl, leaving James to go and try to woo Lily. The punch wasn’t spiked. Bother. …show more content…

They continued dancing even after the song ended, Sirius not ready to let go of Remus. Everything felt so right. “Sirius,” Remus muttered. “Sirius… I…” “Remus…” Sirius murmured, his heart in his throat. “Why did you want to dance with me?” “I… I… Remus… I feel like you already know…” “I do,” Remus confirmed, “I’d just like to hear you say it.” “Remus…” Sirius leaned his forehead against Remus’s and closed his eyes. “Remus, I’m in love with you.” Remus jerked back. “What?” Sirius opened his eyes. He felt terrified. “You said you knew!” “I knew that your feelings for me weren’t as platonic as they should be! I knew that you were attracted to me! I didn’t know you were in love with me!” “Oh. Oh Remus I’m so sorry,” Sirius apologized. “I’ll just… I’ll just go. Goodnight Remus.” “No!” Remus almost shouted, “No. I was just… surprised. Sirius, please don’t go, and please don’t apologize for your feelings. Especially when they’re returned.” “They are?” Sirius was flabbergasted. “Yes.” “Oh. That’s nice.” Sirius felt faint. “You alright?” “Yeah. Just. So many emotions just ran through me right there in those past few

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