Summary: Texas Abortion Clinic Takeover

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Texas Abortion Clinic Takeover
One issue that never seems to find a very good compromise and never ceases to stop being important to one person or another is the topic of abortion. The state of Texas is awaiting the Supreme Court to make a very big decision about the way Texas can handle abortions and the way their abortion clinics can run. This has become a very big issue to the state because the things the state want are shutting down clinics all over the state for noncompliance to the guidelines. They are also being looked at like it has a hidden agenda to try to use some kind of loop hole to take women’s rights without actually taking women’s rights. Many clinics have already been shut down since 2013 because they are not able to ad hear …show more content…

I do feel as if this article does lean more towards the fact that maybe Texas is doing this on purpose and has done a good job of getting their clinics shut down in the last three years.
With the many clinics closing this has in turn left many women with no way to terminate their pregnancies that they are free to terminate. It is more or less, causing them to indirectly take away the right to choose and there is some speculation that maybe they are doing it on purpose to hinder the procedures. It is common to see there are pro-life and pro-choice followers and to each their own but if it is a right to be able to choose then they should have the access to the procedures. The supreme court will be the deciding factor in this in the end; what will affect their decision will be any information they can find that can prove or disproved whether the current way of doing abortions is safe for women or not. If it is safe to do it in everyday clinics and not require hospital access, then it may not pass and this may allow a lot of clinics to open back up again. If it does pass, then most of the clinics can stay as they are and more rules may be in the future for the state (Cameron,

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