Summary: The Benefits Of Hunting

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Hunting, the American sport that we have enjoyed since our very beginning. Hunting has been around so long, that to most it is simply a part of life. But even so, the sport has taken fire recently from conservationists claiming that it is inhumane and cruel. Hunting is not only more inhumane than not hunting, but it is also a necessary part of the American ecosystem and economy. Hunting offers a reliable way of controlling a population of animals in order to mitigate environmental damage. These populations, whether they are native or invasive, often cause catastrophic damage to the environment if they are not properly managed. In a study done by The Northeastern Area State and Private Forestry, The United States Forest Service, and The …show more content…

With approximately 13 million hunters as of 2001, each requiring gear, hunting tags, ammunition, and other service, they almost certainly have a large economic impact. According to a study compiled by The International Association of Fish and Wildlife Agencies, hunting generates over 67 billion dollars in economic output, creates over one million jobs, and generates 2.4 billion in federal tax revenue. The Vice-President of the agency that composed the article was later quoted saying ‘‘And most elected officials don’t realize the conservation contributions and economic power of hunters and the hunting business’’ (John Baughman). Seeing how people still want to greatly restrict or ban hunting, it would appear that Baughman is correct. If hunting was banned, it wouldn’t only punish the hunters, but it would drain tens of billions of dollars from the economy each …show more content…

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