Summary : ' The Crucible '

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Blake Allison Period #1 AP NOVEL FORM 1. Title (underline): The Crucible 2. Author (first and last name) and date of first publication: Arthur Miller 1953 3. List four main characters with a one-sentence description of each. a. John Proctor- John Proctor, the husband of Elizabeth Proctor, is a serious farmer who lives on the edge of Salem hiding the secret sin of his adultery and disbelieving in the witch trials. b. Reverend Parris- Reverend Parris, the Reverend in Salem, is a conceited man who is greatly concerned with his reputation, money, and ability to teach the people. c. Abigail Williams- Abigail Williams, the niece of Reverend Parris, is a very witty, deceiving girl who had an affair with John Proctor while working as …show more content…

5. Three main settings and one sentence description of each (3 places and a time period). a. A bedroom in Reverend Parris’s house- This setting is a bedroom on the top floor of the house with many furnishings creating a clean feel and a window allowing sunlight to pear in. b. The vestry- The vestry is being used as the courtroom it has two windows, large beams jutting out from the walls, two doors leading in, two benches on both sides of the room, a long meeting table in the middle, and a number of stools surrounding. c. The Jail- The jail is set up with a barred window for prisoners to view the outdoors, a heavy door locking the prisoners in their cells, and two benches in the cell it is during the early morning. d. The overall setting of the play is Salem, Massachusetts in 1692. 6. One paragraph plot summary focusing on main events. The play starts out with the audience learning about how a group of young girls and a slave were dancing in the forest. Reverend Parris the minster in the town saw this occur. Later, Parris’s daughter, Betty, has fallen ill and silent. She was one of the girls dancing. Then accusations of witchcraft come to be as some the townspeople begin to believe that this is what is causing the young girl to be silent. In actuality the girl is just scarred. Reverend Hale, a witch expert, is called into the town to assess the situation. He eventually gets the slave, Tituba, Betty, and Parris’s niece,

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