Summary: The Effects Of Hydraulic Fracturing

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Max Sallee
Mrs. Copeland
Honors English 9, 1A
3 April 2017
The Effects of Hydraulic Fracturing Estimates by the Energy Information Administration, the EIA, have said that there is about four quadrillion cubic feet of natural gas buried under the surface (Pickens). That amount of natural gas would be enough to keep the United States powered for a long time if fracking is used to extract it from the Earth. The Halliburton Corporation first used hydraulic fracturing, also called fracking, in the 1940’s as a way to extend the drilling life of wells that were nearing the end of their production cycle (“Fracking”). Even though fracking was invented in the 1940’s it has only recently become popular because of the need for an alternate energy source
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The correlation between fracking disposal wells used for wastewater and minor seismic activity is also being studied by scientists (Shumway). If fracking is not done properly, then there could be consequences including the spills and even seismic activity that could be caused by injecting the wastewater back into the ground. Fracking is more dangerous in areas experiencing drought conditions because fracking requires a very large amount of water to break open the rocks (Rosenberg). The costs of cleaning up post-drilling messes and repairing damaged infrastructure is placed on the people living in the surrounding area to repair road damage caused by trucks and to clean contaminated water and water systems (Dispenziere). Even though fracking creates economic growth, it is lessened by the amount of money that is required to clean up the messes fracking operations create, damaged infrastructure is expensive to repair and it is also dangerous for the people who have to use it. The dangers of fracking to the environment and community are ever present and can cause problems for the local area because it can contaminate the water supply with dangerous chemicals and fracking can also cause damage to the infrastructure which the community must pay…show more content…
Fracking also creates jobs and economic growth on a local and national level, however, it places the responsibility of cleaning up the messes and repairing the damage on the local community. Fracking could become an important energy producer in our generation because of the unique and effective process it uses along with the natural gas it produces and its benefits of economic and job growth on the local and national level, but there is the possible dangers of fracking to a local area and the surrounding environment. It is important to remember that fracking will not be able to sustain the human species forever, fracking is used to collect fossil fuels that were unreachable to conventional drilling techniques, natural gas is a fossil fuel, which means that there is a finite supply of it and it will one day run
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