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Musawer Naimi
Prof. Jeanette Treiber
Paper 1
As if Time Had Stopped On a warm summer day, my cousins and I were playing basketball at a park because we were bored out of our minds and basketball was our only option. It was my idea to get out of the house, even though, it was more than a thousand degrees outside, but my cousins came from the a long 2 hour drive and I knew they didn’t come all the way here to sit at home and do nothing. Everyone stopped playing seriously, but we still had fun in all our games. All I wanted was to have fun with my family. In the end, we did enjoy that time outside.
On our way back home, my brother said, “Since it is going to be in the hundreds today, do you guys still want to go to Lake …show more content…

My brother told my sister to stay on a low gear so she doesn’t have to use the brakes a lot. I probably had my eyes open the whole fifteen minutes it took us to get down. I realized that we almost died going down that road with my sister’s driving. Eventually we ended up parking our car by the river with at least a half inch of dirt layered all around our car. Finally, I could focus on the reason why we were there.
At first me and my cousins didn’t touch the water for a while because it was freezing cold, but the heat drove us in, me being the last one in. At last, a cool feeling of relaxation. About a minute later, my cousin Austin was the first to start swimming across the river and he started to climb. He was climbing on top of a giant rock so he can jump off and into the water. Then, everyone else swam across the lake and climbed up the rocks to jump off the cliff. I have never done anything like that, so I decided to stay in the water and watch them. I realized that I wanted to do it too, but the rock was almost as high as a two story house and that terrified me the most. Not only the height scared me, but the fact that there was another rock sticking out, under the water. I knew so because Austin warned me. Nevertheless, I built the confidence to actually move onto the cliff.
I told my cousin Austin that I’ll only jump if you jump with me, so I forced him to jump before me. We both started swimming across. As we climbed

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