Summary : ' The Wall Street ' Essay

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Summary of Wall Street In 1985, Bud Fox is a young stockbroker in New York City at Jackson Steinem &Co. He wants to become bigger and better and work with his hero Gordon Gekko, a legendary Wall Street player. He became so obsessed with working with Mr.Gekko, that he called his office 59 days in a row in hopes to get through to him. Since that didn’t seem to work, he decided that he would approach it a different way, and go and pay him a personal visit with a birthday gift, Gekko’s favorite Cuban cigars. With Mr. Gekko being impressed by Fox’s boldness, he offers to listen to his pitch. After Bud pitches him different stocks, and Gekko doesn’t seem interested, he takes a turn and provides him with some inside information about Bluestar Airlines, that he learned from his father Carl, the union leader for the company. Gekko acting intrigued by the information told Bud he would think about it, but that he also “looks into a hundred deals a day, but only chooses one.” Bud being upset about it not going as well as planned returns to his office, only to get a call from Mr. Gekko himself to buy into the stock for Bluestar Airlines. Gekko also gives Bud some capital to invest in other stocks. Unfortunately, the other stocks Bud chooses lose money, making Gekko lose faith in him. Gekko decides to give Bud another chance, but wants him to spy on his rivalry Sir Lawrence Wildman, a British CEO to determine Wildman’s next move. Hesitantly Bud says no at first, because he could lose

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