Summary and Reflection of Club Native

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Today we watched a movie called club native. It was really good and touchy movie. This movie is all about the struggle, confusion and frustration of First Nations, who were wondering for their right identity throughout their whole life. They struggle was also about their identity and dignity which they were looking for many years. They wanted their rights which originally belong to them.
This story was about the Mohawk reserve with located the outside of the Montreal city. They tribe made very strong rules to not merry with white men or have babies from them. The thing is if they would not obey the rules so they lost their status as Indian, they would kick out of the reserve. The humiliation from neighbor community realized them that they were strangers.
According to the Indian Act (1876), we determined someone’s status by one’s parentage of blood quantum to know how much Indian were they? A First Nations woman, who married with white man, lost her entitlements as Indian, so did her children. However, regardless of race or ethnicity, if another raced woman married a First Nations man, she gained “status” under the terms of the Indian Act. I feel that was completely unfair, and obviously discriminatory, that horrific situation continued until 1985.
It is really strange that according to Islamic Sharia law, a Muslim woman is formally forbidden to marry a non-Muslim man regardless of his religion, while a Muslim man is allowed to get married to a non-Muslim woman, mainly a

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