The Act Of The Indian Tribes Of This Province

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The “Act to encourage the Gradual Civilization of the Indian Tribes of this Province, and to amend the Laws respecting Indians” was an Act with the goal of placing indigenous people at the same level as British North American citizens. In essence, indigenous people would have the same or similar legal rights such that all distinctions would be removed between them and British North Americans. Furthermore, this Act was supposed to grant and help indigenous people gain rights with respect to property ownership.
This Act had fifteen regulations that were applicable only to indigenous people who decided on becoming enfranchised Indians and hence, British subjects. In becoming a British subject, these individuals would lose their First Nations status. Therefore, while this Act may appear to help Indigenous people, its ultimate goal was to create new subjects for the crown and hence, remove Frist Nation’s status.
Examples of the type of regulations established in this Act are as followed: 1) The act shall apply only to individuals who are Indians, or have Indian blood, or are “intermarried with Indians.” Therefore, these individuals must be part of an Indian Tribe which resides on some land that is their own and was never “surrendered to the Crown.” Furthermore, it is only these particular individuals who are entitled to the regulations of this Act and of other Acts. 2) A commissioner will be appointed such that they are in charge of examining the Indians who want to

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