Chapter 15: Personality And Social Interaction

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Part 5: The Social & Cultural Domain Chapter 15: Personality & Social Interaction -Emphasis on personality as it is affected by and expressed through social institutions, social roles and expectations, and through relationships with other people in our lives. -Interpersonal traits have long-term outcomes in our lives. For ex. Whether a person is controlling or easy going can affect aspects from: the conflicts he gets into with his spouse and work partners to the strategies he uses to achieve his goals. Whether a person tends to be nervous or optimistic affects the likelihood of diverse social outcomes, such as divorce or success in a sales career. -Many of the most important individual (ind) differences and …show more content…

-2nd, the personality qualities of others evoke certain responses in us. Michael’s aggressiveness upset Sue, evoking an emotional response that would not have been evoked if he had been kinder and more caring. Behaviours related to personality can evoke many responses in others, ranging from aggression to social support, and from marital satisfaction to marital infidelity. 3rd, personality is linked to the ways in which we try to influence or manipulate others. Michael 1st tried the charm tactic, then he pulled out the boasting tactic, and finally coercion, trying to force himself on Sue. A man with a different personality would have used different tactics of social influence, such as reason or reward. -Selection, evocation, and manipulation are key ways in which personality interacts with the social environment. Selection -In everyday life, people choose to enter some situations and avoid other situations. These forms of situation selection can hinge on personality dispositions and how we view ourselves. -Social selections permeate daily life and are decision points that direct us to choose one path and avoid another. Choices can range from trivial (should I attend this party?) to profound (should I marry this person?). These decisions are often based on the personality of the selector. -Mate selection

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