Summary of Film Jaws Essay

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Summary of Film Jaws

This essay that I am doing is about a film called Jaws, which was directed by Steven Spielberg. This film is about a killer shark that terrorised people on the Beach of Amity Island on the most popular day of the year, which causes mayhem in the city and between tourists on their summer holiday on the beach.The film is set on the 4th of July because that is Independence Day in America and that's when families go out to the beach and have some fun.

Spielberg employs a range of techniques for building tension and fear in the film, some of these that will be discussed in the essay include: music, camera techniques and the shark it self and use of tension.

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A couple of minutes after he gets in the water the shark attack the boy leaving nothing behind except for blood and a shredded yellow lilo. Brody was sitting on the beach next to his wife looking at the sea with the knowledge that he is putting people's lives in danger. The camera concentrated on Brody's nervous face by using close-up shot's of his face as well as using mid angle shot to show how his arms are moving from fear. Through out the scene, people came up to him talking about their problems, but Brody was clearly ignoring them and concentrating on the sea, establishing shots where used to show what Brody was looking at and long shots to show what he is specifically looking at.

The shark ---------

The director builds up fear of the shark through out the film by showing the audience how much damage it can do or through characters reaction.

The first thing that reveals how much damage the shark can do is when the shark rips the jetty to pieces as if it was Lego.Brody told the public to try and catch the shark for a reward, Two men decided to go down at night to the jetty and catch the shark using a tyre, metal chain and a chunk of meat. The shark ate the pate and pulled the chain that was attached to the jetty. The true power

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