Summary of The Odysssey Book XI Essay

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In The Odyssey, we learn about the famous journey of a man named Odysseus and his travels back home from Troy. King Alcinous is curious about Odysseus' life and why he needed all the help to get back home to Ithaca. Eventually, Odysseus tells about his journeys that got him all the way to the Phaecians. When Book XI starts, Odysseus arrives at Oceanus and is on his way to the Underworld. Why does he have to go to the Underworld? Well, when Odysseus and his men were traveling from island to island to see how to get back home, they arrive on an island where Circe lives. Odysseus' men are invited into Circe's home for a feast. He sends a group of twenty two men and his buddy Eurylochus. They all follow Circe and enjoy the feast. What they do …show more content…

In the Underworld, Odysseus meets many different shades, or ghosts. In order for these shades to talk to Odysseus, they have to drink the sacrificed blood. The first shade to talk to Odysseus was Elpenor. Elpenor is one of Odysseus' crew mates that Odysseus has left behind at Circe's home. Unfortunately, he falls off of Circe's roof and dies. Odysseus is sad and ashamed for not being up to task. After, Elpenor asks for a proper burial because he did not receive one. Odysseus accepts and promises that he will carry out this task. Odysseus then sees his mom, Anticlea. He is surprised that she is a shade, but they do not talk just yet. Tereisias of Thebes, the dead blind prophet, shows up. He warns Odysseus of Helios' cattle and that he will die if he eats it. He tells Odysseus that he will be the only one to survive getting back to Ithaca and his companions will die. He warns him that even when he gets home, he will have to deal with troubling suitors and most likely, have to kill them all. Not only that, Odysseus has to travel far inland. He then has to make a very important sacrifice to Poseidon and pray for peace. Odyssseus then speaks back to his mother, and wants to know about his family situation back in Ithaca. She tells him that Telemachus has grown older but still cannot fight against the troubling and overwhelming suitors. Also, Penelope is loyal but still very depressed. He tried to hug his mother three times, but failed because she

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