Summer Promise Is Not Just An Ordinary Teenage Book

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Summer Promise is not just an ordinary teenage book, but a novel where anyone can learn about God and how he helps you pull through the bad circumstances and makes the best of the great ones. Christy Miller, native of Wisconsin and 14 years old, moves to California with her Aunt Marti and Uncle Bob. Christy lived on a farm, so she had no idea of the luxuries someone could have like clothes, relaxing on the beach, makeup, and beauty, but her aunt made sure that she learned the amenities of a teenager. Christy met her “first love,” named Todd, and he was different than all of the other surfers. Todd believed in Christ, and that God was the person who controlled his life. Throughout Christy and Todd’s journey, Christy learns about God, why he is important, and that she should give her life to him. She meets incredible people on the way, who show her the light. Summer Promise exemplifies how people should always put God first and displays a sweet, innocent teenage love. Christy Miller, Aunt Marti, Uncle Bob, and Todd star in this Summer Promise book. Aunt Marti and Uncle Bob take Christy into their home in California for the summer, showing her the new pros of the sun-kissed state and its people. Aunt Marti helps Christy discover herself and who she is by giving her a whole new makeover, with new clothes, beauty supplies, etc. Without Aunt Marti, Christy would not have found herself or met Todd, her crush. Uncle Bob is the father figure for Christy, always talking to her
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