Friendship Flipped Essay

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When Bryce Loski was seven years old, he moved into a new neighborhood. A little girl named Juli Baker lived across the street. She insisted on helping Bryce and his family move in but was a little too pushy and had muddy shoes and Bryce was immediately annoyed by her. Juli was constantly at the door wanting to play; Bryce's dad made many excuses for him for several weeks. Bryce started second grade, Juli Baker constantly pestered him, following him around at school, This went on til seventh grade, when Bryce's grandfather Chet Duncan moves in with the family. Chet finds Juli different, special, kind of girl who's hard to come across. there was this old sycamore tree that Juli loved to climb and no one ever understood why. One day, the …show more content…

Later, during the basket boy lunch, Bryce and Shelly sit at a table across from Juli and Eddie Trulock. Bryce just couldn’t help but stare at Juli the whole time. He sees she's having a good time with her date and gets jealous. He grabs her to talk to her and attempts to kiss her in front of everyone but Juli got scared and paniced an ran off. Juli gets on her bike and got home as fast as she can home.
Juli bikes home crying. Bryce continuously tries to talk to her, ringing the doorbell, calling her house, coming to her bedroom window, despite her ignoring him. Finally, one day Juli sees Bryce digging a hole in her front lawn which infuriates her. Her father said he gave him permission and she watches Bryce continue to dig. After he digs the hole, he leaves. Juli is confused but Bryce comes back carrying a baby Sycamore tree and places it in the hole. She goes outside to help him. Knowing that he redeemed himself then continue planting the sycamore tree.

Bryce Loski- Bryce has blue eyes like an ocean and brown hair that smells like watermelon .when he was seven he moved across the street from Juli Baker who is also seven.

Julianna Baker has light brown eyes and long brown hair.

In Flipped, Bryce Loski moves to a new home and meets a girl named Julianna Baker who really likes him. At first he doesn’t know where she lives but then he realizes she lives right across the street. Juli liked

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