Sun Gazing, Surviving Off of the Sun: Is It Possible and Is It Safe?

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Sun Gazing is the practice of staring at the Sun for nourishment or as a spiritual practice. It is a Native American tradition, but has also appeared in many cultures, dating back as far as the ancient Egyptians, the ancient Yogis, and even the early Aztecs, Incas, and possibly the Mayans. It is believed to be a method of healing, curing physical and mental illnesses. Sun Gazing gurus have even claimed that it can lead to supernatural powers and immortality, and people who Sun Gaze long enough can become inedian, which means that they will no longer need to eat food to survive. Research has found that when direct sunlight hits the eyes, it moves through the retinal hypothalamic tract and continues into the brain, stimulating the Pineal …show more content…

I am not a professional instructor, and I take no responsibility if something should ever happen to you during your Sun Gazing experiences. Remember, staring at the sun is NOT recommended. It can severely hurt your eyes, or even in the worst scenario, blind you, so be sure you know what you are doing at all times and be safe. With that being said, let's move on. My research led me to the "best" method of Sun Gazing, and it seems to be the most talked about. You must Sun Gaze during safe hours. Safe hours are approximately one hour after sunrise, or one hour before sunset. These are the safest times to do it, as you are free from the UV and IR rays that are harmful to your eyes. You can choose whichever time is more convenient for you. Sun Gazing during these times can provide you with Vitamin A and D. Vitamin A is extremely good for the health of the eye, which is actually the only Vitamin that the eye requires. Sun Gazing is said to provide better eyesight.
Sun Gazing is usually practiced one time in a person's lifetime, spread out through 9 months or so. You can break it up into three phases: 0-3 months, 3-6 months, and 6-9 months. Phase #1: 0-3 Months 1. The very first day of Sun gazing, during the safe hours, gaze at the rising (or setting) sun for a

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