Sundiat An Epic Of Old Mali

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In the story of “Sundiata: An Epic of Old Mali,” the male king, as always is the dominant figure. Maghan Kon Fatta, was a Mandinka king who received a divine hunter at his court. The hunter predicted that if he married an ugly woman she would give him a son who would be a mighty king one day. He had three wives and six children, three of which were boys and three were girls, one of his sons was going to take his spot on the throne. Women always seem unequal to men and basically live under a man’s rule. This seems very unfair to women because women do have an important role in this history as well as being involved in creating the Mali Empire. Without women, the Mali Empire would not be what is was because you need women to create …show more content…

She wanted her son with Mahgan, which was his first son to be the heir to the throne. She was not happy with the fact that Sundiata was taking that position that she felt was for her son. She felt as though he was a threat to her son as soon as she found out he was a boy. Especially since Sundiata was crippled at birth. He could not walk and she did not think that he should get that position with his disability because he wouldn’t be able to fulfill the king’s duties if he had no use of his legs. She also always made snarky comments about Sundiata. Such as when Sogolon wanted some baobab leaf, Sassouma said to her, “Help yourself, you poor woman. As for me, my son knew how to walk at seven and it was he who went and picked these baobab leaves. Take them then, since your son is unequal to mine” (19). It wasn’t his fault he was born that way but she would take any chance she could to degrade him and use that power to make Sogolon feel lesser to her. So, when he finally did walk years and years later she was very unhappy with his accomplishment. So, unhappy that she wanted him dead! “I want to kill Sundiata,” said Sassouma. “His destiny runs counter to my son’s and he must be killed while there is still time” (24). She wanted to use her power to have Soumosso Konkomba, the leader of the nine greatest witches of Mali, to kill him for her. If

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