Sunsetter's Punitive Damage Case

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What is this all about? We received instruction from your office to add Sunsetter as a new entity to springs existing insurance program effective 01/08/2016. The attached invoice is for the Punitive Damage coverage. UK is a very small entity yet we are receiving a charge of over 3% on top of what was paid for the entire policy year of 8 1 2015 to 8 1 2016. SunSetter is just 6 months of this term thus actual charge is over 7 charge on annual premium of $90,744; first layer. (3212/90744) 3.54%. Both, 1st and 2nd excess Punitive Damage premiums are calculated based on 13% of the domestic premium. On the second layer the charge of $443 is % increase; total premium for period was $12,532; same percentage increase of 3.54% but since period
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