Super Ego Research Paper

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Our ID ego is our wants and needs. If these needs and wants are not met we become a very tense person. We get very anxious and upset because out wants and needs have not been met. There are many things that can explain this. For example when people are hungry and in a line for food, they could not be getting there wants and needs right away because they want that food now and cannot wait another second for it. So instead of waiting to get to their table, they start stuffing their face right away while they are in the line of food. On the other hand, when this really happens, most people have respect and realize that everyone has their wants and needs in their life. So with respect they deal with these things just as well as others do. For the person in a food line that is hungry can deal with this. They could be at a
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The super ego is about morals and judgement. It is about right and wrong, and our choice we make because of what we think. The super ego is why we make certain decisions about certain things. For example we know we can steal things from work, the store, friends and many other places and things. With our super ego we know that stealing is wrong and so we then make the choice and choose not to steal.
Defense mechanisms help get rid of unwanted feelings that we tend to get. They also make good things feel better for a person. If your egos are too weak, you then tend to break with anxiety because it becomes too much for you. There are many examples of defense mechanisms. There is denial. People who smoke tend to have this a lot. They will not admit to themselves that smoking is bad for them and their health, they are in denial about it. When

something is too much to handle they will deny it. There is also repression. This is where you keep your threatening thought from being conscious. We get very large amounts of guilt from theses so we use our ego defense to fight them off. There are many different defense mechanisms that we
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