Supergirls And Stephen King's It

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Supergirls is what happens when two sisters born into dismal and dire circumstances grow up believing what they see on TV. They’ve had no parental guidance. No adults to trust. There was nothing but television to define their reality, nothing but superhero comics to set their expectations. They watched Superman and believed it, they watched Leave it to Beaver, I love Lucy, Goonies and believed it. They read Treasure Island and Supergirl Comics and Stephen King’s It, and believed it. As teens, they watched Pretty Woman, Kill Bill, Austin Powers and believed it.
Now, the only thing that stands between their current miserable existence and their Little House on the Prairie dreams is one “Fat Bastard” named Frederick Bells. Dispensing …show more content…

May’s looks will catch your eye, but Jenn will hold it. Again, another reference to my sister and I as young women. She has sharp cheekbones, and serious eyes. She’s a determined woman with a plan. God help the man or woman who crosses her path. She’s more likely grimacing than smiling, frowning than grinning, but her heart is pure gold. Personality: Jenn is def the more dominant sister. She has control issues stemming from childhood sexual abuse. Her mother whored her out for drugs. She remembers every lick of it. Jenn is compelled to right the wrongs inflicted upon her and May, to fix their damaged lives, no matter what the cost. Her love and devotion for May drives her to risk everything to save her sister from their messed up lives. Unfortunately, this stress eventually gets to her, snapping her sanity. She chooses to be blind to it. Bit by bit, she lets go. The “letting go” phrase has multiple connotations. The obvious meaning is going cuckoo for coco puffs, but I hope the audience catches the deeper significance: there is nothing in the world like releasing your past, all your worries, all your stress. You may as well be tap-dancing on top of the world… the problem comes when you lose yourself. It’s a delicate balance. Here is where Jenn and May differ again: Jenn holds onto the past, May lets it go. Jenn tries to maintain a grip on reality, and as a result looses it. May doesn’t care. She accepts things for what they are. And …show more content…

After much searching, I found this absolutely beautiful hand carved handle in the shape of a unicorn head, the steel was curved, delicate and perfect. I believe it was middle eastern. I've never been able to find that pic again, but the image morphed into crystal and is a striking image in my mind and hopefully the mind of the reader. It represents what is good and pure. It is about opening your eyes from ignorance to face the darkness head on, and not just to face darkness, but to conquer it. If the Whistling Deer Head represents the dark, then the Unicorn dagger represents the

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