Superhuman Abilities Of The Great Gatsby By F. Scott Fitzgerald

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Superhuman Darkness. Everything is cold and damp; my legs ache from running, and it hurts too much to move. The tunnels used to be thriving with life, but now it’s empty. No more life, no more people. The tunnels used to be a place where superhumans, people with supernatural abilities, would go for refuge. The dictator Seth Wood found out about the tunnels and killed everyone, including my parents and sister. My name is Kylie Reynolds, and I’m a superhuman. My ability is magic. I can create portals, generate weapons, create blast of pure energy, force fields, spells, and summoning of monsters. I am one of the most powerful superhumans on the planet- and one of the most hated. Lucifer ( Lu) Wood or The Dictator, as he calls himself, is a regular a human with no superhuman abilities. He has hated superhumans since he was little; he would always be bullied by us, and The Freaks- a gang of superhumans- killed his whole family except his older sister, Kiara Wood, who is the only superhuman in his family. She has the power of telepathy and is an exceptional fighter. I’ve been on the run from those Idiots ever since my family was killed. My legs ache so much from the running I feel like they are going to fall off. Suddenly, I feel the rocks rumble beneath my body. I rush to my feet feeling the sudden jab of pain from my legs. I hear the far away but yet close sound of a drill drilling its way through the tunnels. They’ve found me. I dart for the cave intersection, but I’m

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