Supersize Me Analysis

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In Defense of Food and Supersize Me have both educated and opened up my eyes to the current food and nutrition related issue. The film that taught me the most about issues related to food and nutrition was In Defense of Food by Michael Pollen, unlike Supersize Me’s research Michael Pollan's research was actually backed up by medical research. Michael Pollen was addressing complex diets that are commonly used in our society and explaining how there are actually worse for us. Michael Pollen seven words for eating “Eat food,not too much,mostly plants” caught my attention and simplified the way I eat food. Supersize Me also taught me the negative effects of eating fast food but did not go in depth like In Defense of Food. Although Supersize Me …show more content…

Both films were entertaining but the most entertaining of the two was Supersize Me. In Defense of Food took on a more direct approach unlike Supersize Me which took on a comedic approach. The most entertaining part of Supersize Me, was when they revealed how much weight Morgan gained after his McDonald's diet. Morgan body fat percentage before the Mcdonald's diet was 11% but increased to 18% by the end of the diet. Morgan always went through withdrawal symptoms including massive headaches when he didn't eat Mcdonalds. Nevertheless In Defense of Food also educated me about the food and nutrition industry but was not as entertaining. In Defense of Food also had some entertaining moments including when Michael Pollen expressed that anything that isn't raw food can be considered “food-like substances” as they can be full of preservatives or chemicals. Michael Pollen destroyed the complex dieting myths and explained how eating a simple diet will do …show more content…

After watching Morgan transform from a healthy to a overweight and very unhealthy individual left me speechless and could only be expressed best, visually. Also after seeing how much sugar Morgan consumed in total after his McDonald's diet was best left as a visual image. In Defense of Food also had many striking visual images that helped enhance my learning experience. In Defense of Food had some very memorable images including when they changed the size of a plate and the insane diets Dr.Kellogg put his patiences throw to improve their health. I was very shocked by how much effect changing the size of a plate had on how much food someone ate on a regular basis. Another eye catching visual image was when they showed the drastic diets people went through in attempts to cure themselves of diseases, back in the day, directed by Dr.Kellogg. Both films had breathtaking images that were best expressed

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