Essay about Superstition of Pokemon Lavender Town: Myth or Reality?

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Pokemon Lavender Town Superstitions: Myth or Reality? It is your birthday, in Japan 1996, and Pokemon Green just came out. You open your first present, a Gameboy with Pokemon Green; you turn the game on excitedly as Professor Oak exclaims, “Welcome to the world of Pokemon…” In the years following, rumors have surrounded this wonderful game of catching, battling, and fainting, a game of logic and strategy. Some of the most intriguing rumors involve Lavender Town, the graveyard in Pokemon. Pokemon experts have proven many of these rumors false such as the Lavender Town Syndrome, and Buried Alive, while other rumors like Gary’s Raticate are yet to be completely disproven. So, lets put some “Lavender Town rumors to rest, …show more content…

“I’m trapped…..and I’m lonely, so…very lonely….. won’t you join me?” is his supposed dialogue. After this, the game would freeze and under rare circumstances the character would see Buried alive say “Finally, fresh meat.” Alongside the image of the character being eaten.” said Josh Wittenkeller. When a player lost to“Buried Alive”he supposedly deleted data, and when you beat his Pokemon the save data corrupted and the game froze until you restarted the Game Boy . Josh Wittenkeller says this legend is known as a “CreepyPasta. ...the cyber equivalent of a scary campfire story or a hoax.” We know this is a hoax because, in the real game you fight a dead “Marowak” ,a type of Pokemon sprite a character that can be interacted with, instead. Also, no one has actual in-game footage of this event. One intriguing Lavender Town mystery, is “Gary's Dead Raticate.” In a normal battle between Pokemon, these critters don’t die, they only faint. Well according to the rumor, Gary’s Raticate, a Pokemon that looks like a rat, does die. In the original Pokemon games, aboard the ship, the S.S.Anne, you fight Gary and his Raticate, and you never see it again in the game. In Lavender Town, you confront your rival and fight him again…without his Raticate. Has it died? Possibly not. If you believe the rumor, it has. If you do not believe this you can believe it is in the storage system for all Pokemon, which is christened “Bill’s PC.” You can store

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