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Joel Beckwith Febuary 13, 2001

Urban Legends

In this paper I will explain exactly what an urban legend is,and

give some examples of very popular ones that have been passed by

word of mouth for decades across the United States.

1 " An urban legend is a story that is so bizarre,horrifying,or

unexplainable, that it makes something inside of us want to believe

it." Urban Legends can have traced origins from other countries,

universities, states, or people,that just decided to made up as

incredible story and pass it on to their friends and family members.

Many of these legends were started in the sixties and seventies,

and still continue to be passed on to this day. A good example, is

the horrifying Pop Rocks death. …show more content…

Many legends include psychotic elderly people who decide to

kill people or things.One story is of an elderly woman who decides

to dry her wet dog in the microwave(the dog explodes.) Other

legends with the elderly include a crazy woman that kills taxi drivers

as they pick her up, and old men that eat little children!

Many urban legends involve gruesome deaths and murders.This

particular legend was supposed to have happened at the University

of Illinois campus. A girl got off one evening and made the way to

the door where she lived. She and her room mate had an agreement

that if either one or them brought a guy back to their dorm,they would

put a rubberband on the doorknob.When the girl got to the door, she

found a rubberband and walked in without turning on the lights.She

heard moving and heaving breathing,so she decided to go right to

bed.The next morning the girl woke up only to find her roommate

gruesomely murdered. The girl screamed and ran for the door,but

before she walked out she looked at the wall.Written in blood was

a this message,''are'nt you glad you didn't turn on the lights?''

Not all urban legends are completely untrue. There are many

things that can be found in movies, cartoons, and shows.One of

the most popular known of these can be found in Disney's cartoons.

Many times what is hidden is something of sexual content. The most

explicit of hidden content in the Disney movies,is a scene in the

Rescuers that only lasts

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