Supply Chain Management Approach Analysis Essay

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This case study discusses a supply chain management approach analysis and describes how project managers should implement business processes to understand the importance of a successful project implementation. The case analyzes the “topics related to financial management, accounting, procurement, sales, marketing, contracts, manufacturing, distribution, logistics, the supply chain, strategic planning, tactical planning, operations management, organizational structures and behavior, personnel administration, compensation, benefits, career paths, and health and safety practices” (Schwalbe, 2011). This case study discusses how a project manager is tasked with an assignment to position the organization to distribute its resources/products …show more content…

In this case study the project manager decided to build and information system to increase and improve the functionalities of online sales. A key function directly related to the business process reengineering is the information system process of information technology. The concept of business process reengineering is often discussed in management circles seeking to improve the way things are done within an organization. If you are looking to redesign the functionality of business process you are in fact taking a business reengineering approach. Organizational change, information technology and business process reengineering are all interrelated within the framework of improving business processes. If organizations are in fact seeking to streamline business processes through business process reengineering concepts they must fully understand the BPR methodology. The systematic approach of BPR suggests five step methodologies which essentially provide a BPR framework to a successful implementation. The first methodology which was taken by A&D is the preparation. When analyzing BPR, “this very first step in BPR is to develop and articulate what is to be accomplished by reengineering, including goals and scope as it relates to BPR” (Motiwalla & Thompson, 2011).
This was the case for A&D whose “sales had come predominately through retail outlets in shopping malls across the Midwest and

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