Supply Chain Management Of Zara

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About Supply Chain Management (SCM)

Supply chain management (SCM) is the maximization of customer value and effective management of supply chain activities to ensure a sustainable competitive advantage. Supply chain firms strive to develop and manage their supply chains as efficiently as possible. Supply chain activities include everything from product development, procurement, production and logistics to all the information systems necessary to coordinate these activities.

About ZARA

Zara, fashion brand and fashion chain stores founded by Amante Ortega by Inditex Spanish group in 1975. In the last two decades Zara has overthrown his profits and treasures, and now he has been ordered. He's the third largest retailer in the world. There are 3,000 in-house designers in A Coruna region of Spain who design 40 000 products per year and only 10,000 of them are selected for production. The company distributes 450,000,000 products annually with 1,770 stores in 86 countries. Unlike their counterparts, more …show more content…

This resulted in close communication between the customers and the designers, and the ability to ship the required items within one week by catching the sales pitch. All this proved that ASC is why competition between organizations has improved. The supply chain is not in a translated agile process of Zara, but in fact the whole organization is agile and very efficient. Using quick response, Zara aims to reduce both the excess inventory consistency in the supply chain and the risk associated with the forecast, as product specifications are not finalized until the point of delivery. As Zara's success rate increases, customer satisfaction increases, market opportunities increase, total risk decreases, and total costs decrease it can be concluded that simultaneous success can be achieved by ensuring that many advantages are

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