Support President Obama For Climate Change

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Support President Obama for Climate Change In discussions of climate change, one of the controversial issues has been supporting President Barack Obama. His video announcement in the East Room of the White House, President Obama announces the “Clean Power Plan --- our biggest step yet in the fight against climate change” argues that, “Since the President took office, the administration has made the largest investment in clean energy in American History.” The United States has cut more carbon pollution than any other nations since 2008, and solar power has grown 20 times while generating three times more electricity. Obama has created access to solar energy for low and moderate-income households. On the other hand, Obama’s administration …show more content…

He asserts, “Over the past three decades, nationwide asthma rates have more than doubled, and climate change puts those Americans at greater risk of landing in the hospital.” I cannot argue that the essence of Obama’s argument is public health. In this case, that nationwide asthma has doubled over the past three decades. Obama tells his own life story to his audience, off the record, to explain what air pollution has done throughout the past three decades. He says that in his college years at Oxy in Los Angeles in 1979, the first thing he did after arriving at college was to go for a run in the city. I believe the President likes to run, and during his run he mentions it was hard to breathe because the air quality in the 1970’s was bad for the public health and bad for the climate. The whole city of Los Angeles was full of smog. So anyone familiar with air pollution and smog in Los Angeles back in the 1970’s should agree that probably caused asthma rates to double throughout the years. I admit that in the late 1970’s arriving by train in the city of Los Angeles from Mexico I had experienced for the first time a polluted city and the smell of the smog. In those days, I did not know what pollution was and I have never seen a city covered with smog. In some days even more pollutions than other days that the cities recommended not to go outside stay indoors because the air quality was not good for public health.
Perhaps, critics of Obama will still probably argue that

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