Support of Hitler due to Unpopularity of the Weimar Governments

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Support of Hitler due to Unpopularity of the Weimar Governments

After the 1929 Wall StreetCrash, the Weimar Republic was faced with a series of challenges which they failed to solve, resulting in their unpopularity. However, Hitler's support grew during the years after the Crash between 1929 and 1933 when he was ordained Chancellor.

The crash of the American stock market in 1929 resulted in international economical depression. Germany was hit especially hard as the American businessmen who had loaned German banks money under the Dawes plan in 1924 now wanted it back as they were now in debt themselves.

For the Weimar Government, this caused great problems. It caused inflation, and the …show more content…

The treaty also prevented Germany from following the example of other European countries in using rearmament as a way to fight unemployment. The army could been used to combat the street battles between the Police, Communist Red Fighting League and Nazi SA, restoring law and order to the streets of Germany which many Germans wanted. A strong army would also have given the impression to the people that the Weimar government was still in control, and not the powerless and indecisive government unable to save Germany from its problems that to many Germans it looked like, a result of the democratic Weimar constitution.

The democratic constitution using proportional representation led to a collection of small, individually-powerless parties sharing power. This prevented the government from making any quick and decisive decisions, stopping them from dealing with a problem initially before it grew too uncontrollable. For example the problem of the anti-government army leaders and judges who were mainly right-wing nationalists. They let off right-wing offenders lightly, like Hitler after the Munich Putsch in 1923 when he attempted to take over Bavaria, which allowed Hitler to later become Fuhrer instead of his life-imprisonment.

However, the Nazi party began to appeal to a wide range of

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