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On a beautiful Monday morning in February, I had an amazing adventure walking down to the Supreme Court of Ohio. It was a typical day in columbus; a sunny day with a nice breeze blowing slowly against my face as I walked twenty minutes with a bunch of my friends down the busy roads of Ccolumbus. Having absurd friends, they would fatuously point out to things they’d find absurd and make fun of it; like the guy that was walking down to the Columbus Commons without a jacket or a windbreaker. As we walked, I could spot the building from a distance first noticing the big carvings that read, “The Supreme Court Of Ohio”.
The primeval building had a beautiful interior design with pure marble walls with noise bouncing off through the building with …show more content…

The Supreme Court was first initiated and established in Article IV, Section 1, in the Ohio Constitution. In the next Article, its size was determined to be one Chief Justice and six Justices. The Chief Justice and the Justices are all appointed to serve a six year term if they were elected through a nonpartisan ballot. In the spacious room, there were seven black leather chairs each for a specific Justice.
Sasha mentioned, “Those chairs are where the judges sit, and they sit in a specific order determined by the position they are in. The lower your position, the further you sit away from the Chief Justice.”
“There’s a red backdrop behind the chairs, do you know if there’s something behind it, or the significance of it being there” I asked.
“Well, first of all, there’s a door behind it from which the judges come and go through, and secondly, the vibrant Red backdrop was placed there to complement the Black Leather chairs and the Black robes the judges wear. This makes it easier to differentiate the judges and the backdrop” She replied.
We never got to check behind the backdrop and we were asked to leave the building because of an emergency that occurred in the building. We were all rushed out of the building as if there was a fire wildly spreading. All you could ever hear were people screaming and running in every direction you could possibly turn. I had no idea if there was a

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