Surgery: A Groundbreaking Medical Advancement of all Time

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Surgery is one of the most groundbreaking medical advancements of all time and it is an ever expanding and learning field. A surgeon is one of the most highly paid professions, with an annual income minimum of $260,000 and $412,000 maximum, according to CNN money. Not only is it a great profession but, it is always growing and advancing. It started in a very simple form of just cutting someone open to relive immense pain, and has grown to include surgeries just for personal desires. Since it is constantly expanding, one can only imagine how far it will go and what surgery will be able to do one day. Many people are very familiar, and relatively comfortable with term “surgery”, but that has not always been the case. Surgery used to be associated with the fear of immense pain, and also the high probability of dying. The first ideas of cutting open someone for relief of an ailment, was first brought about during the Neolithic Period (10,200- 2,000 BCE) in Egypt. the Egyptians used a tool called the Trephine to drill into a persons brain. “Egyptians practised trephining in an effort to cure migraines - the idea was to ‘let out’ the illness that was causing the headaches” (Surgery). Many people died after having this procedure done. The few that did have it done lived happily, and some even had the procedure done multiple times. Hundreds of years later many new surgical devices came out that increased the amount of surgeries done, and the better they worked. One tool was a

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