Surgery And Dentistry During The Renaissance

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Surgery and Dentistry was a brutal and highly unhygienic way of treating patients throughout the Renaissance. Medicine at the time was basic for an era that had vast outbreaks of terrible diseases. These illnesses caused death of more than one third of the population. During this time period, numerous medical advances occurred that is helpful to practitioners today. Although surgery and dentistry procedures during the Renaissance were dangerous and chiefly ineffective, they helped shape the practice of medicine today.
Different types of practitioners, depending on class and wealth, performed surgical and dental procedures. Elizabethan physicians were the most qualified to perform any surgeries considering they earned an education at a university. Only the very wealthy were able to afford treatment from physicians. Elizabethan surgeons were inferior to physicians, but had a similar reputation to the barbers in which they associated with. The Barbers were inferior to the surgeons and they belonged to the Company of Barber Surgeons. The Barbers were only allowed to let blood and pull teeth.
Ordinarily, the most common thing that the people did was visit an Elizabethan apothecary who sold drugs because they had no money to spend on actual doctors. The Church provided some comfort for the poor because they could not afford to seek assistance anywhere else. However, the local “Wise Woman” was often the first person to be contacted by the poor. The Elizabethan Housewife tried to

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