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Surgical weight loss protocols
Surgical weight loss is very common in today’s world. Many people who have diabetes turn to surgical weight loss to gain their life back. When you search surgical weight loss on the internet, it comes up with many ways that it has been done throughout the century. Many people find that it is much easier to get the surgery to lose the weight rather than using diet and exercise. Surgical weight loss should be monitored more closely, allowing only the people who have severe diabetes or life threatening condition proceed with surgical weight loss. There are two types of Bariatric surgery commonly used, the “Gastric bypass accounts for about 80 percent of weight loss surgeries in the U.S. It involves a
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Most patients who have this done have a BMI of 30-40, 40 being the max due to being morbidly obese. In a study discussed in the Journal of the American Medical Association, “ The average patient started with a BMI of nearly 47-about 345 pounds for a 6 foot tall man or 280 pounds for a 5 foot 5 inch woman. By the end of the studies, most of which lasted less than two years, the average gastric-bypass patient had a BMI of 30; the average gastric-band patient, 36” (“Consumers Union”). The National Institutes of health states, “ Patients be either morbidly obese, which is defined as having a body mass index of 40 or more, or that they have significant health problem related to obesity, such as diabetes, heart disease or Hypertension of sleep apnea. In addition, these guidelines state that surgery should be a last resort, only after other methods of weight reduction have failed” (“Hall”). A Canadian study published in September 2004, have shown that surgery improves or even cures conditions stated above. It was common for most patients who were on insulin before the surgery to go off it the day of or after surgery for good. 90 percent of these patients that have high blood pressure or high cholesterol, shown great improvement or their problem went away all together. I found that improvement or possible cure was only found in patients who had a BMI of 40 or lower compared to patients who had a BMI of 40 and greater in a study done on 796 patients in 11 different studies all
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